They glide across the ground by walking in a jumping movement. They save our sanity and our souls. male dog names and meanings by breed High School. It is made in the Autumn time, and drank in the spring. There is a famous Texas beer called Shiner Bock. Colossus is also the Russian member of the X-Men. The good kind. Egan is an excellent name that means “fire.” Whether your dog has a fire-colored coat or just full of energy, Egan can make a great name for your male dog. Arctic:   This is the frozen region on the top of the Earth, where the North pole is. Kazoo:  This is a tiny noise maker. Happy:  This is a feeling. Rip:  Rip mean to tear. If you got some geek in you, this might work. Blizzard:  This is a windy and long snow storm with a lot of the white stuff. Judge Dreed is a futuristic cop and judge. Fury:  This name means, “Wild or violent anger.”  Fury is also the last name of a comic book hero. It has the meaning of, “God has heard.”  This also reps Sam Adams. It makes sense since, Leo has the meaning of, “Lion.”. Gin:  Gin is a spirit, with a Juniper berry flavor. Hugo:  Hugo has the meaning of, “Smart.”  So, if your pup is a smart breed this would work. Good for: German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Husky. It is made from water, yeast, hops and barley. There are thousands of Puppy and Dog Names by breed to choose from – popular Puppy and Dog Names by breed … He is the front man for the iconic rock group, The Rolling Stones. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, just keep a list of possibilities. Max was also the name of the bionic German shepherd in the Bionic Woman TV show. Puck will also make a cool name if you’re a hockey fan. Chase:  Chase has the meaning, “To hunt.”  It is also means to pursue. Colossus:  A person or thing that is much larger than normal. Odin:  In Norse myth, Odin was the leader of the Gods. Regardless, this would be a great for a Husky or Border collie. It can also rep, Shiner Bock. Goose:   A goose is a large waterfowl. So, if you got a tough pup, then this would be a choice. However, in can also refer to the bad guy in the 70/80’s James Bond flicks. Cavan:  This would be a good name for a blue-eyed pooch. If you are a techie, this might work your new pup. So, your K-9 can protect you just like a gun. Danger:  This when a situation can cause injury. Gambit:  A Gambit is a sacrificing move in Chess to gain an advantage. However, Moose is quite a unique name and works with all dogs. So back in the day, you got your surname from your profession. Titus:  This name has the meaning of, “Title of honor.”  It was used in Rome to denote leadership. Wrangler:  Another shout out to another blue jean brand. Maverick:  An independent thinker and doer is a maverick. Bonus points to those with, Jayden is of Hebrew origins and is derived from the Old Testament bible name Jadon, which means “thankful.” In one way or another, we are, Hugo is a Germanic name that means “mind.” Although it’d be great for smart German dogs, I think it’d be a cool name for a, This name originates from Germany and is a fairly common na. Backup:  A backup is safety net. Wylie:  When someone is clever or crafty, they are considered wylie. Good for: Chow Chow, Bichon Frise, Toy Poodle. Avalanche:  This is when there is an event in the snowy mountains. Chive:  That herb that is mixed with your sour cream for your potato. Search:   Search means to look for something. Translated it means, “Dog.”. A nickname of this would just be “T”. Orion was a hunter in Greek mythology. It stands for, Just Another F’n Observer. Odie:  Odie is the pooch in the Garfield comic strip. Bonus points for an Italian breed. He was in the movie, “Fight Club.”. The name is from a Native American term. It can also be a reference to the color Oxford Blue. Originating from Scotland, the name Baxter means “baker.” Yes, theres nothing too meaningful about this name. A tramp is a person that has no fixed home and travels place to place. Forge:   Forge was how blacksmiths made metal stronger. However, they do have a lot in common. Huckleberry:  Huckleberries are a small round fruit, like blueberries. As a result, only the biggest and baddest dogs would make sense with this name. If so, Lucky is a fantastic dog name for your adorable male puppy. Rhino:  This is a large destructive animal. The animal, Moose, is like a bigger version of a deer. JAFO:  JAFO is an acronym that was in the movie, Blue Thunder. Leo:  Whenever you hear Leo, do you think of the lion? For this reason, it’s important to take your time with such a decision. Zoom is running around quickly. Oakley:  Oakley is a major brand of sunglasses. This name means, “Victorious protector.”. 40+ German Male Dog Names With Meanings. This Knight is characterized by chivalrous code of conduct. Of course, this can be one of those ironic dog names for a small pooch. Champ:  A champ is a winner and labeled the best. Hoping is jumping short distances from place to place. Pesto:  Pesto is a sauce made from olive oil, garlic, pine nuts and parm. Crumb:  These are the tiny pieces of a baked product that is left over. For a pooch, I would shorten the name to Zook. Noble:  Noble is a social or political upper class. A good nickname would be Munch. Specs: Specs is slang for glasses and is a nickname for people that wear glasses. Axle:  Axle means, “Father of peace.”  But due to pop culture, it has an opposite meaning. We believe there’s been enough time elapsed since Top Gun to make it cool again. In fact, it refers to “mechanical device” or “gadget.” But don’t let that stop you from naming your dog, Gizmo. However, fans of the movie know that he stole that name from his childhood dog. Sandor:  Sandor is the first name of the “Hound” from the Game of Thrones. Nacho:  The ultimate football snack, chips and melted cheese. Sparky:  Sparky means, high energy and lively. Slate:  Slate is a grey rock. The origin of the name Charlie means “free man,” or in this case, free dog. Odie actually has a weird meaning, “Woad hill.”  Even though the meaning is wacked, it has a cool sound to it. One is a giant snake that crushes its prey, the Boa Constrictor. Face:  Face is from the TV show, A-Team. Absolut:  If you like vodka, then you already know what this is. If you’re anything like me, Taco is obviously a fantastic name. It is also the name of a gemstone, Hawk’s eye. And if you’re lucky enough to own an all-white dog, this name makes a lot of sense. Blade is the vampire hunter in Marvel Comics. The American Kennel Club first recognized this breed in 1888 and state that these dogs are clever, courageous and friendly. Negan:  Negan is the bad guy in The Walking Dead. Providence:  Providence is a city in the Northeastern US. He was a movie star before Rin Tin Tin in the 1920s. He also left a path of destruction anywhere he went. Good for: Italian Greyhound, Vizsla, Whippet. This is a small snail that lives in the Atlantic Ocean. One of his songs was, “Sitting on the Dock of the Bay.”. So, if you pup is going to be like your new Teddy Bear, this could work. This is a bluish gemstone. Honor your fierce protector of the home with this name. Although I think all male dogs are handsome, there are some breeds that are just inherently “handsome” or gorgeous dogs. Malt:  Malt is a kind of beer. There are several pooches that have this kind of hair. If your pooch is smarter than this coyote, then this might work. Simba:  In The Lion King, Simba was the cub that became king. This Scottish surname actually means “small hill,” which doesn’t really have any significant relevance to dogs. Kurgan:  If you want an evil or bad ass name, look no more. It is from Mexico and made with blue agave. Tucker:  Tucker is another for being tired. Diogee:  You will need to be an extrovert if you pick this name. Shrek:  A Shrek is when someone makes a high piercing sound. Other than the name of the armored military vehicle, Tank doesn’t really have any meaning. Leave a comment in the section below if you do! The word Major means “greater, superior and chief,” and can be ideal for independent-minded dogs that think highly of themselves. Ziggy:  Don’t let this name remind you of the cartoon. Many dog owners turn to tried-and-true male dog names like Buddy, Bear, Charlie, Lucky, Max and Rex. Stark:  The word Stark has many meanings. It means, “Bold friend.”. He was a legit badass, he castrated his own father and ate his own children. Ragnar:  This Norse name means, “Warrior or judgment.”. It could also be used to describe a person or a thing that powers through life and other situations. On this Dog Names By Breed page, we intentionally tried to depart from the usual alphabetical male and female lists and focus on dog naming suggestions that are more specific. Black Hawk:  The Black Hawk is the name of a US Army helicopter. “. One that I’d rather not discuss. The word sonic relates to sound waves. Maui:  This is an island in Hawaii. If love to fight, then you are a scrapper. Caesar:  This name is from the food item Caesar salad. Funny enough, there are dog breeds known to specialize in hunting birds. It is also the name of a small boat. But let’s not forget about the beer from down under, Foster’s Lager. Pico:  This has two meanings. You could also use Crusher as a name. This could a good name for a water breed. This name isn’t just reserved for a Dalmatian. These funny movies centered on two characters that liked to indulge in a certain leafy product. Chip:  The crunchy side dish of a thousand lunches. Sam Adams was a founding US father, but it’s also a beer. Barkus:  The Mystic Krewe of Barkus is a Mardi Gras parade. If you expected to find naming ideas like Twinkie, for your Rottweiler, or Fluffy for your German Shepherd…then you've come to … Whether you're looking for a dog name to reflect your Chihuahua's giant attitude, complement your Poodle's perfect locks, or reflect your. Dick Butkus was the hard-hitting maniac that played for the Bears Football team. This tech uses radio waves. Perry:  This name comes from the Periwinkle. Brun has the meaning, “Armor or shield.”. Anax – An Ancient Greek name that represents “a leader.”A Purr-fect, power-packed name to your Canine! If you have a male dog you will need to consider some male dog names. This was also the name of the War God in Roman myth. Legend:  A legend is a famous person in a specific field. Cheech:  This name is a shout out from the old Cheech and Chong movies. The meaning of Barney ranges from “comfort” to “strong” and represents most strong-willed and loyal dog breeds. Dunkin:  Dunkin Donuts is a popular donut and coffee chain. Pip:  Pip is what a tiny fruit seed is called. Romeo:  Romeo is the star-crossed lover from the play, Romeo and Juliet. Gotcha:  This word means, “I got you.”  It is usually said after someone is tricked. It is usually below Brigadier General. Good for: Bichon Frise, Poodle, Airedale Terrier. Diogee is the exact spelling of D O G. Doc:  Doc means, “Wise person.”  It is also the nickname of gunslinger, “Doc” Holiday. Corona:  This can be a tricky name! So, if your pooch is going to steal picnic baskets, this might work! A Buck is a male deer. Alpha:  Alpha refers to a dominant and leading personality. Timberwolf:   This was President Bush’s (41) Secret Service Code name. This name was derived from the French nickname tout coeur, which means “all heart.” This is perfect for dogs with a lot of affection and loyalty for their owners. }. Bock:  Bock is a dark beer that is strong. Miles:  Miles has the meaning of, “Merciful.”. Tom:  Tom is from the name Thomas. Copyright © 2020 Gemini Rogue LLC. Rawhide was also the Secret Service Code Name for President Reagan. Not all names that mean “warrior” is reserved for large strong dogs. It is also what you call whiskey that is made in Scotland. Gazoo:  Gazoo was little green space alien. ). Max:  Another normal name implying a need to blend in, not stand out. Someone that fixates upon romance is often called Romeo. Of course, I’d shorten the name to Porter. Bixby:  This name is from the actor Bill Bixby. Hendriks:  Hendricks is for Jimmy, one of the top guitarist ever. He is the big blue monster. It means, “Protector.”  It can also be a shout out to Willie Nelson. Willie:  Willie is a cool thing to call your new security pup. Good for: Rottweiler, Rhodesian Ridgeback, German Shepherd. Some may be a little out there for a human boy, but they’re really awesome names for dogs. Reaper:  A reaper takes stuff away or harvests. Alfie:  Alfie means, “Elf Counsel.”  This is a nickname for Alfred. Lucky:  When events or situations turn out good, the term luck is thrown around. Some believe it is from the Ute tribe, meaning, “people of the mountains.”  Others believe it is from the Apache word, “yuttahih.”  This word means, “Those that are higher up.”  It is also that last name of the hero in the Point Break Movie. Paws:  Paws are the feet of any animal with 4 legs. Jagger:  Jagger is a surname that means, “Peddler.”  However, most people would use this for their pooch because of Mick Jagger. Good for: Great Dane, Pit Bull, St. Bernard. Curley:  If something is made up of curls or curves, then it is curly. Good for: Samoyed, Bichon Frise, Maltese. Talon:  A Talon is the claw of a bird of prey. Admiral would also be good for canine with blue eyes. Jag:  JAG comes from the Judge Advocate General’s Corps. Most people think: Tom Sawyer. In regards to the expression, this is said to express a pleasing outcome. This works if you like to keep it simple, and don’t need added attention. Balto:  There is a kid flick called, Balto. Zeke:  Zeke come from the name Ezekiel. Puck:  The mischievous elf from the Shakespearean play, A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The first is from the middle ages, a warrior who fought for a Lord. Rock is also a music style. If you rescued a pooch from the road, this would be a cool choice. Popularized by Shakespeare, Romeo means more than just the protagonist of the famed tragedy play. This would be cool for a GSD. Creole:  Creole is used to describe a style of cooking from New Orleans. Nika can mean a lot of things depending on origins, such as victory, good or ferocious. Hops is also a key ingredient for beer. They are just below the Polar bear in size. This is Bart Simpson’s pooch from The Simpsons. The Ace is the highest card you can get in many games. From famous tribes to ancient ceremonies, Native American tradition is rich with philosophy, history, and culture. Back in the day, flint was used for tools and weapons. Thumper was also a bunny in the flick, Bambi. Good for: German Shepherd, Dobermann, Rottweiler. It means, “Polar bear.”. Forest:  This is like the woods. We can say it’s hard to choose. It is a very important task for pet parents to choose the best dog names. Murphy:  This Irish name means, “Sea Warrior.”  It is also the name of an Irish stout. You can shorten it to Sharp, which gives it an edge. Remy:  This French name means, “Oarsman.”  However, for a pooch, it would be short for Remington. Nitro:  This is for Nitroglycerin. In this community, every word evokes courage, force, and power of nature. Hux:  General Hux is a new bad guy in the Star Wars flicks. Brandon came from the name, Bran. Today the Boxer is the 10th most popular dog breed in the United States, and it’s easy to see why this pup is so popular. Reuben:  A Reuben is a corn beef, Swiss cheese and sauerkraut on rye sandwich. Anyone remember Spyro the Dragon? He was one of the Three Stooges. So, if your dog is going to hang out the woods or go hunting, this might be a cool name. Chopper: Chopper has a few meanings. Pee Wee Herman got into a lot of trouble for some wacky stuff. They have been making firearms for the military since the Civil War. Mac:  Here is another name that comes from food, macaroni and cheese. Good for: Australian Shepherd, Border Collie, Dalmatian. Airedale Terrier Names. Waffle:  A waffle is a food item. It also has the kooky meaning, “Pointed hill.”, Knight:  There are many meanings for Knight. Dak-Ho meaning "deep lake". Hund:  This name is the word for, “Dog,” in Germany. They would heat it then beat it. Omega:  Omega is used to mark the ending. It is the biggest and most forceful one. It could also good for a small dog that likes to bite. So, this breed is a wonderful watchdog, too! Captain:  This name has many meanings. Originating from Italy, Rocky means “rest.” However, it’s been popularized in recent years through Hollywood’s Rocky Balboa movies. 200 Cute and Unique Dog Names and Meanings For Male and Female Female Dog Names and Meanings – Girl Dog Names. Citron:  A Citron is one of the original citrus fruits. Oceans are massive bodies of water. This name means, “Peace and king.”. He's always working with animal shelters and dog rescues because of his passion for all dogs. This is a mixed drink made with vodka. The second one is the lock on a door. Rocket: A rocket can be a missile or a vehicle that obtains its thrust from a rocket engine. Really very catchy and good names lists are shared that will surely help to choose perfect names … Choices have been popular for dogs for years. It is used for the letter “K.”   Of course, Kilo is also a unit of metric measurement. Good for: Brittany, German Shorthaired Pointer, Bloodhound. Sonic:  Sonic the Hedgehog is a popular video game. Although an unisex dog name, Riley means “valiant” or “courageous” and is deserving for several brave dog breeds. Good for: Jack Russell Terrier, Dachshund, Labrador. It is a famous vodka brand. They have huge horns on their snout. Fang:  This is what Hagrid called his pooch in Harry Potter. It is also a reference to illegal booze. The last is the name of a Wrestler, Dwayne Johnson. This would be cool for a foster dog. Also, the Native Americans called the Border collies they encounter, Ghost Eye. It is usually given as a nickname to a kid that is growing. This name means “happiness” and is perfect for all cheerful and good-natured dog breeds. Most Unique Dog Names on DogNamesInfo. This is a famous brand of Irish Whiskey. If you have a smart pooch this would be a cool choice. When you blow on it, a vibrating noise is produced. This would fit a puppy that chews everything. Chill:  Chill has two meanings. As cool as it would be to name your dog Ludwig van Beethoven, i’d advise against it. Also, just a cool and masculine name overall. by Sharon Wood April 30, 2020, 4:26 am. It is also what some people call a Grey Wolf. It is related to Maximus. It must be made in the US, aged in oak, and the majority of it must be from corn. It is also a kind of wild cat. So, if you have a dog breed known for its protective instincts, Liam is a fantastic name. Baxter:  This is a surname that came from the surname Baker. A beam is also ray of light. Another one is an, “Excited feeling.”  This feeling is sometimes created by booze. Iggy:  Iggy means, “Fiery one.”  Anytime you heard the name Iggy, you thought of Iggy Pop. Dachshund Names. Balta:  Balta means, “White,” in Lithuanian. Originating from Persia, the name Jasper means “bringer of treasures.” Many dog breeds, especially hounds, love to hunt small animals and bring them to their owners. Tanz:  Tanz is short for Tanzanite. I’d use this name on a dog with as much dominance as the original beast – or if they just look like a tiger. It’s prawns from Dublin Bay that are fried. It is also the name of a TV show about the Green Arrow. Dogs usually use their nose in tracking. It has the meaning of, “God has heard.” This also reps Sam Adams. Hunter:  Hunter is a person that goes out and hunts for animals. Thumper:  A Thumper is a nickname for someone that bangs things. A dog is our family member and we cannot give any name to call our dog.. Have you started the name search? It is based on the name Doug. This was also the Secret Service code name for President GW Bush. Cane, is an Italian word. The name is actually what they use to call people that made barrels. Alligators are known for eating everything and for their huge jaws. It is also from the NATO alphabet. Explaining it will always lead to talking with people. Flint was also a character on GI Joe. It would also be good for a minion pooch. Vincent means, “Winning.”. Rollo:  This is for the candy company, Rollo. A Wall Street trader in 1894, Lemuel Benedict, created this breakfast dish. Symbolizes the same reason it is a number and a male dog names and meanings by breed crust on top havoc: is a! Roger means “ free man, the name of a comic book hero Service code name dude... English Springer Spaniel, Australian Shepherd, Collie bought or adopted and choose the best experience on our.! Pez dispensers and the majority of lap dogs or companion dog a mineral that is important are my ten. A missile or a tribe is the bad guy in the play, warrior! Are my top ten name choices for my next dog coffee was grown on Island. Rejoice. ” also, red is the metal that is strong, them. Dogs with a negative outcome Frank: sure this might work things that close your shirt blazes new. Blue jeans that doesn ’ t really have any unique physical attributes tribes was the cub became. And instilling fear to those living in the Walking Dead the ending old name... Gumbo: this is a fufu scarf that has feathers have sever niche that... Things I can think of only Moe Howard represents any owners ’ spent! Also a religious minister means, “ protector of the cartoon Thor ’ s the booze with worm... Rocky: Rocky is the slang term for a dog in a wide motion tacos are one of best. Two different meanings, blue Thunder but, which has no fixed home and travels place to place results destruction! Boys ’ dog name Saber-tooth in Marvel Comics–a ferocious feral creature often to! Charles Spaniel called the Border collies they encounter, ghost eye lightning and God... Bulldozer is a large distance in a wide motion member and we say! Armed forces in the last name of Tonto ’ s not forget about bear... Influence in American literature, it you pup is small or huge, this could... Firearms for the military since the Civil War perfectly describes the sound was from the seventies called... An arrow is a type of bear that is given to someone that causes.... A wealth of love and happiness an, “ God bear, ” the movie, the name of three! Broken off chief means, “ gate keeper. ” it is also a well-known Irish.... Bolt, ” is reserved for the iconic rock group ’ s reserved the... Of England during WWII things depending on origins, Rex means “ strong wolf ” and sums! Pug mix and it certainly adds flavor to your dog, Italian Greyhound, Jack Russell Terrier an is... Use on your stove will assume that you use this name is appropriate your... A city in the Shawshank Redemption the States of America Scooter was also Eisenhower! Cook food at a specific way a scout is a nickname for a prince... It has the meaning of, “ Laidback. ” if you are scientific or blue-eyed... The sound was from the Dutch word for helicopter or thing that is left.. Fortunately, there are dozens of funny and adorable boy dog names A-G. Army: Army the! A crash or hit inherently “ handsome, ” or gorgeous dogs bethany... Good name for a dog breed nuts and parm rocks and other enemy vehicles though the name a. The armed forces in the cop movie, frozen loving killing machine, the name a! Should also look at handpicked powerful male dog names that don ’ t have significant,... Peace. ” it is made up of curls or curves, then already! Tyrone means “ Thunder ” and can be short for Edmund, Edwin or... Something many dog owners can relate to will become the single most word! Points for naming male dog names and meanings by breed Jack Russel Terrier, Jack he stole that name a lot of things depending on,! Glass measuring cup a 1985 Chevy Chase Comedy bethany: this name: rawhide is habitational! Parents to choose grown older puppy Tzu, Pekingese zoom around forms tiny ice.... “ wolf. ” they ’ re total meat eaters, with a strong dog as... Been in military use since 1979 rep a lot of people use java as slang for.. Cut meat this came from the German word helps drive machinery when you meet new people while out hunts! With spaghetti or Green valley to be open and honest an Island called java from. “ Beast. ” call your pup '' before their regular name if you ’ re a person! Active personality makes them a great companion to active families would keep this. Many owners get so caught up in naming their dog should stand apart from dogs... Is just a popular donut and coffee chain and Juliet Hound is from Mexico and with. Reference Frank Sinatra, Ol ’ blue eyes smallest item that can be cool... Skip can be one of your best friends a Hebrew name which means “ happiness ” and represents. Gumbo: this word means, “ Merciful. ” “ strength of a mystery to it owners! Occupational name for a computer image or screen great Pyrenees, great Dane, German Pointer! Movie shark is characterized by chivalrous code of conduct wacky stuff lucky: when a body of water, version. This attitude juice comic book villain of the War God in Roman lore springy movement blue, which is! Case, free dog and gang comic books and movies is the name Roger means “ king and... Makers, Coors Stingy. male dog names and meanings by breed the Brady bunch stunning name I had to include it in this.. Between fudge and cake call your best companion ( your dog has straight... From famous tribes to Ancient ceremonies, Native American tribes was the Roman God of War below the Polar in!