An explanation of the unmarked lead test involves magnetic circuits and transformer theory. Note: See the May 2008 issue of Currents for the article “Identifying Unmarked Leads Of 6-Lead Motors With 1 Or 2 Windings.” LOGIN TO Turn power ) off. You basically have three pairs. Identifying Unmarked 9 Lead Motors: WYE Connection Posted 18 December 2014 by Cammy Sanchez in category Uncategorized with 0 comments Let’s say the #1 and #4, which is in the same phase, are missing. Single Phase Motors have a start and run windings in order to operate smoothly. Identifying Unmarked 9 Lead Motors - Delta Connection - York Repair Inc - Duration: 5:42. - Answered by a verified Electrician - Answered by a verified Electrician We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. (Figure SP-8-6) to discharge run capacitors and any other capacitors in the unit. Dears, Pls guide me how to perform the polarity checking of 6 lead 3 phase induction motor. 12 leads 3 phase high volts delta connected wiring configuration diagram electrical schematic diagram of a delta configured 12 leads motor so connected A lternatively, discover how to power your home with Solar and Wind Energy! motors because of the great variety of methods employed to obtain multiple speeds.† MG 1-2.41 Terminal Markings Identified By Color When single-phase motors use lead colors instead of letter and number markings to identify Name: 3 phase motor wiring diagram 12 leads – 3 Phase 6 Lead Motor Wiring Diagram Elegant Awesome 12 Lead 3 Phase Motor Wiring Diagram Electrical File Type: JPG Source: Size: 1.35 MB The motor is a Reliance How would I go about identifying unmarked leads on a 9 lead motor ? Identifying Unmarked 9 Lead Motors - Delta Connection - York Repair Inc - Duration: 5:42. Special Note: Motors often come from rewind shops with only three leads exposed ("A-phase", "B-phase", and "C-phase" or 1, 2, & 3). The rotor is needed to York Repair Inc. 96,986 views 5:42 Motor Connection Diagrams (Full Lecture) - … How To Wind Three-Phase Stators teaches how to wind in a richly detailed, step-by-step approach with 13 lessons containing narratives, animations and … Step Expected Result/Action 15. Identifying Unmarked 9 Lead Motors - Delta Connection Prof. Steve discusses how to identify unmarked 9 lead (Delta connection) on a motor. 6-lead is not too bad. Thanks for waking me up to the thought that a motor lead identification procedure would work on a genset too. Use U1 and U2, V1 and V2, and W1 and W2 if you're doing a Google will be a lot more useful to me now. I can positively identify 6 leads but not the rest (wires cut). For the Delta connected 9-lead motor the following insulation tests can be done and are listed in Table 2. A good trick I found on another forum. The magnetic lines of force of these poles will cut the conductors of… your own Pins on Pinterest Sometimes you can find yourself in a difficult situation whereby the nameplate Thought I would share Can anyone explain how you would go about identifying the windings of a three-phase single speed, 6 lead AC induction motor? How do I identify unmarked leads on a three phase, twelve lead multi-voltage (208-230/460v) electrical motor? AC Motor Verification and Resign software and the EASA Motor Winding Database contain information on 250,000+ motors. Identifying Unmarked Leads of a Y Connected Motor By: Augie Hand Equipment: Test Light or ohmmeter, 6 or 12 volt battery, low scale voltmeter and numbered lead labels. The motor should be assembled. Re: Identifying Unmarked 6 Lead Single Phase Motor 10/01/2012 6:24 PM Perhaps I'm wrong, but I wouldn't have thought that would help him much, without identifying on the diagrams the points that represent the 6 leads. Dec 30, 2015 - This Pin was discovered by asem wahbi. I also need to establish wheather this is wires delta or Y. So if you are searching for this then the above method is for you. Use the capacitor discharge too! When half the poles are energized with intermittent DC, two more poles are created in the motor's iron core. Now I have connected the star delta starter as per the color code and numbering done by the manufacturer, but motor is just humming without rotating while trying to start. Usually motors have the lead numbers tagged or printed right onto the individual wires. Identifying Unmarked 9 Lead Motors WYE Connection Prof. Steve discusses how to identify unmarked 9 leads (WYE connection) on an electric motor. Ohm them out to find each pair. TWO SPEED MOTORS Two speed electric motors are usually divided into two main groups: two separate winding and dahlander winding. Identifying Unmarked 9 Lead Motors: Delta Connection Prof. Steve discusses how to identify unmarked 9 lead (Delta connection) on an electric motor. If there is no wire number markings you may have to have a motor repair shop open it up and retrace each wire to its proper winding Discover (and save!) Locate the cted to the compressor motor windings and start circuit. 6 Leads Out, Wye Connection, Single Voltage, Full Winding - Across the Line Start 434839 Single Voltage Wye or Delta with Single Current Transformer 438252 438264 6 Lead, 1.73 to 1 Ratio Dual Voltage or WYE Start 453698 This article introduces a set of proce­dures for identifying unmarked leads of 6-lead motors with 1 or 2 wind­ings. Label one pair T1 and T4, another pair T2 and T5, and another pair T3 and T6. Might I assume that your PSC (permanent split capacitor for those who don’t know) has these color wires: Black, White, Brown, Brown with White tracer, and Green although your motor could use a different color code.. if Identifying Leads of a Nine Lead Three Phase Motor I have a two speed motor 2950 rpm, 12 hp/ 3600 rpm, 15 hp duel voltage 3 phase motor. Chuck Yung EASA Technical Support Specialist One frequent request of EASA’s technical support staff is for help in identifying unmarked motor leads. Table 2.Testing guide for a Delta connected 9-lead motor. For most connections, the only tools required for these procedures are an ohmmeter and surge tester. Figure 6.28 shows a single-phase magnetic circuit containing four poles. They have two windings for Starting and Running purposes. DELTA CONNECTION We will need: 1- Ohm Meter 2- 6 or 12 volt battery 3- Tape to label leads 4- Copy of Augie Hand's "Identifying Unmarked Leads" To identifying starting and running winding' i mean that you are searching about the staring and running and common identification in a single phase motor. Google will be a lot more useful to me now. If some of the leads are marked, the process is the same, but may require fewer steps. A lead Wye Start/Delta Run Motor has the ability to meet several starting Wye Delta Starter or by a series of contactors in a control circuit. Identifying Unmarked 9 Lead Motors - WYE Connection Prof. Steve shows how to identify unmarked 9 lead (WYE connection) on a motor.