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Why Blu Buying Club?

When it comes to general expenses, you don’t really have time to
source new suppliers, evaluate products and negotiate prices


Up to 50% on your general expenses


In just a few clicks, order products and benefit from best prices from carefully selected suppliers


You know at any time what has been ordered, per category, with validation

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SGD 6.50 per bottle for 5-gallon distilled water

Machine rental and services included

20 bottles min. per month

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SGD 3.20  for 500 sheets of A4 80g paper

Free Delivery for SGD 100.00 order

Same day or next day delivery

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How Can My Company Benefit From Blu Buying Club?

When you register with us, we provide you
EVERYTHING needed to source like a big group


Helping business owners in Singapore to save time and money when buying non-strategic goods


Over 20 years of experience in sourcing and procurement


Exclusive web tools usually only available to large corporations

Our Exclusive One-Stop Web Portal

Source for all your workplace needs in one single portal

Only for Blu Buying Club members.

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